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because everybody loves a good mean girls joke.

because everybody loves a good mean girls joke.

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lost in the waves of wilderness woes
lived an awful small elf of whom no one knows.
a tale had been told he was left all alone
lost from his family, friends, & only safety zone.

while the petite elf journeyed, he explored & he searched
he grew very tired & decided he’d perch.
this little tiny elf was so incredibly small
it seemed almost impossible for anyone to hear his call.

while the mini elf perched, he started to cry
it wasn’t too fair he didn’t get to say good-bye.
at the moment his first tear dropped to the ground
the sun shone through clouds as if he’d been crowned.

as the sun beamed upon him, he dreamed of a dream
he thought to himself, ‘things might not be as bad as they seem.’
as his thoughts started to clear he closed his teensy elf eyes
& began to wonder what ahead of him now lies.

he could do anything, he saw all the possibilities
however, the little elf knew he’d have a great deal of responsibilities.
there was no one to hold him back now, this was his time
but off in the distance grew a familiar nursery rhyme.

his small ears perked up as he heard the tender melody
as he crept closer to the tune, he did so carefully.
he pushed back some branches, hoping not for a fright
instead he saw his brothers & sisters were sing & dancing in delight.

though the elf returned home, never forgetting his experience
it was such a great feat that he showed much resilience.
now back home in a land filled with the most lavish of love
lives an awful small elf whom everyone speaks of.

for fear

for fear of forgetting who you really are
is why i believe i held onto this rope for long than i should

even if the rope is miles long
even if the rope has knots
even if the rope is tangled around a city

no matter how far we may run
no matter how perfectly we can hide
no matter how well we think we can play this game

we both know how faulty the other is
we both realize still the stubbornness of the other
we both can see right through the other

for fear of forgetting who you really are
is a risk i believe i must take.

up until this eve

his face was beaming as he shined down upon me.
never had i witnessed anything more glorious.
never had i witnessed anything so magnificent.

how i wanted him to talk to me.
to whisper into my ear all his knowledge,
for i knew he had plenty.

it was his mission
he had been sent from God.
he was instructed to view the world,
every piece of it,
& to retain his knowledge
& to share it with no one.
& he obeyed.

i had never met him before
up until this eve.

i asked him to tell me about the world & all its mysteries.
he wouldn’t answer.
i asked him to tell me about life & why it could be so unpleasant.
he wouldn’t answer.

i asked him never to leave me
so he followed me home.

i asked him to tell me about love & why it was so challenging.
he wouldn’t answer.
i asked him to tell me about God & what He was truly like.
he wouldn’t answer.

i asked if i could dance with him one day
& his position, at that moment, changed.

i knew he was listening.
i knew he must keep quiet.
i knew he was watching over me.

even though he kept quiet
i could hear every word he uttered.
i had turned my back & lost sight of him
hoping one day we would meet again.

i had heard many tales,
about the man in the moon,
but never had i found them true
up until this eve.